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Modern Embroidery Hoops

Hi! My name is Quinn, and I'm an embroidery artist from Kelowna, BC, Canada! I am originally from Toronto, but moved out west when I was 18, and love it! 

I have always been a very creative person, growing up in a household that was surrounded by artistic types. My dad is an incredibly talented musician, and my mom makes beautiful quilts, knits and is overall always "tinkering." My sister also is insanely artistic, having her own small business (@floral.intents.and.purposes). I went to an art school in Toronto and felt like I had no passion for anything I was learning, but I tried it all. Dance, film, photography, graphic design, I liked it all, but nothing really felt right. 

After struggling for years trying to find a creative outlet, I stumbled across embroidery when visiting a friend's home and saw how beautifully her walls were decorated with hoops. So in 2017, I started my first hoop and I was hooked. 

Now 5 years later, it's no longer a hobby to help keep me calm and happy, but I've turned it into my passion. 

Nothing makes me happier than the feeling of finishing a hoop and feeling like I've just immortalized a piece of someone's life onto canvas. Having my art be a part of someone's story fills me with pride and love for what I do. 

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